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Sworn certified translations

If you need a legally valid official translation of a document, you need a sworn certified translation. At times, when dealing with public or official bodies, we are asked for a sworn translation of our documents. In Spain, these translations can only be completed by professionals registered with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), who are known as sworn translators.

At Iuratum we have official certified translators with extensive experience who are able to translate your document into multiple languages, always attesting to their accuracy: English, Spanish, German, Catalan, Arabic, Chinese, French, etc.
We translate all types of documents such as university qualifications, invoices, academic records, contracts, birth certificates, criminal records, etc.

chica joven rubia traductora


  • Certification of sworn translation

  • Signature of the sworn translator

  • Official stamp of the sworn translator


Like the previous document, everything seems correct. My order arrived on the estimated date, so I can only congratulate them for the work done.


It was the cheapest quote I found and they are very trusting. They answered and sent my document fast. I am happy with the job.


traductores jurados oficiales maec

What is a sworn certified translation?

Sworn certified translations are those translations that are used to translate texts or documents that are (or may be) required for legal purposes by an official body. If this translation is to have legal certainty and be certified, only an official sworn translator can produce it.

At Iuratum, all translators are certified and official, registered with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC). They are responsible for producing a sworn certified translation of the official document that you need. In addition, they attest that the contents of the original text have been translated in a faithful and complete manner into your chosen language, certifying this with their signature and the official translator stamp.

Por Lucía el 02/07/2021 | español inglés

Traducción muy rápida y buen trabajo!

Traducción jurada
Por Laura el 27/06/2021 | español inglés

Servicio impecable: rápidos, eficaces y el mejor precio que he encontrado. Muy recomendable!

Estoy satisfecho con la traducción.
Por Pablo el 26/05/2021 | español inglés

Cumplieron el plazo.

Todo muy fácil
Por Maria el 15/11/2020 | inglés español

Muy rápidos en las gestiones, facilidad en el proceso, y lo realizaron antes de la fecha que me indicaron en el presupuesto. ¡Repetiré!

Traducción jurada inglés-español
Por Héctor el 02/11/2020 | inglés español

El documento fue entregado en el plazo previsto y el servicio ha superado mis expectativas.